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Kamel and his brother Bouzid live in Bab El Oued, a working class neighborhood of Algiers. Kamel is a disillusioned, brooding loner. The more jovial Bouzid is an internet fanatic.

99min - 35 mm - Color - Scope - Dolby SRD - Comedy
Original language : French / Arabic


a film by
Stefan Liberski

Bici is 18 and leaves in Lieges. She is curvy and talented, she is a singer in a rock band in which Vince, her childhood friend, plays the guitar. Bici has always been secretly in love with him.

Belgium - France

84min - DCP - 1.85 - Color - Comedy drama

Original language: French


Barbarian Invasions (The)

a film by
Denys Arcand

Rémy, divorced and in his early fifties, is hospitalized. His ex-wife, Louise, asks their son Sébastien to come home from London where he now lives. Sébastien hesitates; he and his father haven't had much to say to one another for years now.

Canada - France
99min - Super 35 mm - Color - Scope - Dolby SRD - Comedy drama
Original language : French / English


1885. Jane Callahan, a young American woman, goes to Russia. During the train trip that leads her to this new world, she has to share her compartment with a group of childish and boisterous cadets. Among them is Andrei Tolstoï, a smart and impassionate young man.

Russia - France

180min - 35mm - Scope - Color - Drama, Romance

Original language: Russian, English, French, German

Barnabo of the mountains

a film by
Mario Brenta

The forest rangers spend their life guarding an isolated powder-magazine high amongst the screes, in the shadow of the sheer rock-faces. Barnabo is just over twenty when he joins the Forestry Service and the old Commander, Del Colle, looks on him as a son.


France - Italia

124min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama

Original language : Italian

Bed (The)

a film by
Marion Hänsel

Eva’s husband is dying by her side. For 24 jours she will remember her husband’s illness, their happy life, their love. For 24 hours, she will care for him, attend his needs, patiently awaiting his inevitable death. Eva learn death by fits and starts. Pain comes and goes, hope returns.

Belgium, Switzerland

80min - 35 mm - Color - 1.66 - Feature - Drama

Original language : French


a film by
Wang XiaoShuai

Beijing today. Guei has just arrived from his village. He is 16. He finds work with a delivery service that cleans him up, clothes him, and lends him a bicycle: a magnificent silver mountain bike.

China - France

111min - 35 mm - Color - 1.85 - Dolby SR - Drama

Original language : Chinese

From the collection tales of Changing China


Prudence Friedmann,17, is suddenly alone and adrift in the family apartment. She meets Marilyne, a high school misfit who introduces her to the illegal race circuit of Rungis where souped-up mopeds and muscle bikes race against each other, undaunted by danger.


80min - 35 mm / DCP - Color - Scope - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : French


« Last night I won two thousand ruppies playing cards…Mayi told me, I would like us both to bring a woman back to the house.

75min - 35 mm - Color - 1.85 - Dolby SR - Drama
Original language : Mauritian Creole

Betrayal (The)

a film by
Philippe Faucon

In 1960, during the Algerian civil war, Lieutenant Roque is a French officer worn out by the meandering conflict. Roque and his men have been posted to a small, isolated village.


France - Belgium

80min - 35 mm - Color - Scope - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : French & Arabic