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a film by
Michael Rowe

David, a man in his forties, lives a predictable life with his wife Maya and their two children. To please his wife with the latest gadgets, he works solitary shift work, days and nights, as a janitor in a retirement home.

Canada - Australia

96min - DCP - Scope - Color

Original language: French, English



Macário spends an entire train journey to the Algarve talking to a woman he does not know about the trials and tribulations of his love life: straight after starting his first job as a book keeper at his Uncle Francisco's warehouse in Lisbon he falls madly in love with a young blonde, who lives a

Portugal - France - Spain

63min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : Portuguese


Elena and Vladimir are an older couple, they come from different backgrounds. Vladimir is a wealthy and cold man, Elena comes from a modest milieu and is a docile wife. They have met late in life and each one has children from previous marriages.


109min - 35 mm/DCP - Scope - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : Russian


Emigrant (The)

a film by
Youssef Chahine

Three thousand years ago, Ram, son of an impoverished tribe living in an arid land, dreams of changing his way of life. He feels he is suffocating amid his boorish brothers who, driven by jealousy and avarice, decide to kill him.

France - Egypt

128min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Adventure

Original language: Egyptian



35-year-old Eva is unpredictable, charmingly immature and has no children. Leon is 10, he’s got the seriousness and reasoning of an adult and has no parents. Eva is bored in her privileged life as well as in her love life.


a film by
Pablo Agüero

1952, Eva Perón just died. She is the most beloved, but also hated political figure of Argentina. An expert is in charge of her embalming. After years of hard work, he achieves a remarkable work.

France - Argentina - Spain

85min - DCP - 1.85 - Color

Original language: Spanish



a film by
Tony Gatlif

As extravagant as it may sound, Zano one day comes up to his lover Naïma and suggests that they both set out for Algiers : why don’t they cross France and Spain to eventually reach Algeria and discover the land their parents had to flee decades ago ?


105min - 35 mm - Scope - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : French, Spanish and Arabic