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If you love me, follow me

a film by
Benoit Cohen

At 35, Maxime Maréchal, a brilliant doctor, lives an orderly existence between his lawyer wife, admiring friends and satisfied family. It's such a soft and easy environment that he has more or less lost himself in the folds of this comfortable pillow.


102min - 35 mm - Color - 1.85 - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : French



a film by
Marion Hänsel

Walter Goldberg, brilliant orchestra conductor, renowned in the USA, returns to Italy after a 10-year absence to direct an opera from its beginnings. During the first dress rehearsal, the conductor feels faint and leaves the stage.

Belgium - France

90min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language : French & English


Ada was settled in her life, she was pleased with it, or thought she was.


93min - DCP / 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language: French

In Your Wake

a film by

From out of nowhere Marco’s estranged father Gabriel stumbles back into his life. Even though his sudden presence open’s old wounds and revives Marco’s resentment he still sees this return as a welcome breath of fresh air in his otherwise desolate and solitary world.


100min - 35mm - Scope - Color - Drama

Original language: French


Inflammable material

a film by
Jacques Maillot

Bruno, Corinne, Luc and Juliette, four friends who will drop their mask.


40min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Short - Drama Comedy

Original language : French

Intruder (The)

a film by
Claire Denis

A passionate heart: Louis Trebor’s journey describes a loop, the curve of the Earth as I imagine it. From the Jura Mountains in France to the Swiss border, from Geneva to Pusan in South Korea, and on to the South Seas. Louis Trebor lives in hiding. He feels he is under surveillance.


127min - 35 mm - Scope - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language: French, Korean & Tahitian



a film by
Diego Lerman

Buenos Aires, March 1982. On the streets of the Argentinean capital, people are challenging the military dictatorship. Marita is a supervisor at the Colegio Nacional in Buenos Aires, the establishment that trains the country’s future elite. She is 23 and wants to do things right.

Argentina - France - Spain

95min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama 

Original language : Spanish



Irène and the filmmaker. A powerful relationship but full of gray areas. Irène disappears. A private journal left behind resurfaces years later. A freshness. An attraction. A danger. How to make a film?


85min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Autobiographical fiction

Original language : French


a film by
Sam Garbarski

Middle-aged Maggie must find a way to get enough money for her grandson’s lifesaving medical treatment and lift the dwindling hopes of her only son Tom and his wife Sarah. Desperation leads the respectable, middle-class widow to work as a hostess in a city sex club.

Belgium - Germany

103min - 35 mm - 1.66 - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : English


a film by
Daniel Leconte

Because he had published the twelve Danish cartoons that had triggered the wrath of Muslims worldwide, Philippe Val, the editor of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper, was cited to court by the Great Mosque of Paris, the World Muslim League and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France


108min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Documentary

Original language : French