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Tableau ferraille

Daam, who came back from Europe with many degrees, climbs the ladder of Politics, hoping to improve the life of the inhabitants of Tableau Ferraille, his native town close to Dakar in Senegal.


92min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama comedy

Original language : Wolof & French


Tapage nocturne

Solange is a film director and mother, living with her husband with whom she periodically makes loves. She's very attached to a bisexual actor, Jim, although this doesn't stop her for finding other lovers, often up to two or three times a night. Solange is looking for mad love.


94min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama

Original language: French



a film by
Moussa Touré

TGV is an express bus service, driven by Rambo, between Dakar (Senegal) and Conakry (Guinea). Before setting off, Rambo and his passengers are warned of the danger : the Bassari have revolted on the Guinea border...


90min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Comedy

Original language : Wolof & French


That's all they ever think about

This movie is a simple love story about people who are in love for ever. Some have split up, others live side by side but not really together.


91min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Comedy

Original language : French


The Amazing Catfish

Claudia, a lonely young woman, works in a supermarket. One night, she ends up in the hospital with a severe case of appendicitis. There, she meets Martha, the woman resting in the bed next to hers. Martha, who lives alone with her four children, gains Claudia’s trust.

Mexico - France

89min - DCP - 1.85 - Color

Original language: Spanish



Between dead-end jobs and disastrous burglaries, “epic” erotic experiences and severe romantic disillusions, “The Apprentices” describes the adventures and misadventures of two friends.


95min - Color - Comedy

New HD master available

Original language: French



Ali is a young actor, son of a market gardener, who works in the Rod El Farag district. One day, Ali abandons his family, friends, his job and his love to go to Paris, alone. He starts taking boxing lessons, dreaming of making it into the big time.

France - Egypt

90min - 35mm - 1.85 -Color - Drama

Original language : Egyptian & French


The Conquerors

a film by
Xabi Molia

Galaad, a second-rate actor, joins his brother Noe, the coach of an obscure football club, at the funeral of their father. As half-brothers, they have little in common except a shared record of personal failures.


Due to his health condition, Toussaint, a 60 year old Haitian native, goes to live with Jazmin, his 30 year old daughter in Mexico City. Toussaint is a man who wasn’t able to take root in any of the places he lived. He was not a loving father and he is a complete stranger to Jazmín.

The flesh of the orchid

Claire is the daughter of a millionaire who died leaving her everything. Her aunt has succeeded in having her interned in a psychiatric clinic and acquiring her money. Claire escapes from the clinic. She meets Louis Delage and his companion, a vagrant.


115min - DCP - 1.66 - Color

Original language: French