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Warm water under a red bridge

a film by
Shohei Imamura

The story is of an unemployed man in his forties, Yosuke, whose wife has just left him. On the advice of an old tramp, he travels to a faraway village on the Noto Peninsula.


119min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Erotic drama comedy

Original language : Japanese



Way I spent the end of the world (The)

Bucharest 1989 – Last year of Ceausescu’s dictatorship. Eva, 17, lives with her parents and her 7 year-old brother Lalalilu. One day at school, Eva and her boyfriend Alex, accidentally break a bust of Ceausescu. They are forced to confess their crime before a disciplinary committee.

Romania - France

106min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language : Romanian


We need a vacation

a film by
Didier Bivel

It's the start of the summer vacation. Two boys around ten years old, Adama and Lucien, have to spend the whole summer in their rough neighborhood. They decide to head for the sun on their own. To get there, anything goes, they use every trick in their bag.


86min - 35 mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama comedy

Original language : French


Wedding Song (The )

a film by
Karin Albou

Tunis, 1942. Nour and Myriam, 16, have been friends since childhood. They share the same house in a modest neighbourhood where Jews and Muslims live in harmony.


100min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language : French, Arabic, German


West Beirut

a film by
Ziad Doueiri

Beirut, April 13, 1975 : first official day of the Lebanese Civil War. The passengers of a Palestinian bus are massacred by the militia in front of Tarek and Omar, two teenagers from West Beirut.

France - Belgium - Liban - Norway

105min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama comedy

Original language: Libanese & French


What More Do I Want

a film by
Silvio Soldini

Anna lives with Alessio. She’s an accountant and leads a routinely comfortable life. She meets Domenico, a married man, and the attraction is fatal. It’s a tale of clandestine love and sex, and a dream of a different life together...

Italia - Switzerland

120min - 35 mm - Scope - Color - Scope - Drama

Original language : Italien

Which one of us?

a film by
Charles Belmont

Written and performed by a 17-year-old teenager, the movie focuses on a high school girl in Paris. “Virgin, maiden, young woman, teenager. All these words from the past and present describe the monster I am: half kid, half woman.


105min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language : French


Whims Of A River (The)

1787 – France is already seething with inevitable revolution. The Age of Enlightement ignites. The nobility have other concerns. Jean-François de la Plaine is banished from the kingdom for having killed the King’s friend.


111min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language : French



Jeanne is a happy and talkative young woman. But she lies. She lies through her teeth and can't help it.


100min - Color - Comedy

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Original language: French



Victor Meynard is a professionnal killer. His domineering mother rules his life as he pursues a brilliant carreer in the family tradition.


87min - 1.66 - Color - Comedy

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Original language: French