89min - 35 mm - Color - 1.85 - Dolby SRD - Comedy drama

Original language : French


Aure Atika (Marianne)
Antoine de Caunes (Bruno)
Victoria Abril (Anna)
Catherine Jacob (Laura)


Director: Catherine Castel

Producer: Yann Gilbert (La mouche du coche)

Screenplay : Catherine Castel with the collaboration of Serge Adam
Image: Antoine Roch
Music : Jacques Davidovici
Editing : Marie Castro & Agathe Devaux-Charbonnel

Festivals & Awards

2008 :
Mostra Cine Mujeres Spain
Boston French Film Fest
Bilbao Women Film Fest
Tursak Comedy Fest
Chicago French FF
2009 :
Romance in a can FF French Film Fest-Australia

48 Hours a Day


un film de : Catherine Castel

Marianne, a young woman with a bright professional future, is tired of seeing her career stall because she has to take care of all the chores on top of her job. She adopts some fairly radical methods to force her husband Bruno, a financial wheeler and dealer, to do his share of their daily tasks. Parity rather than disparity, 48 Hours a Day is a comedy on the fate of women today who continually juggle with their jobs, husbands, children and domestic lives.

French Synopsis :

Promise à un brillant avenir professionnel mais fatiguée de voir sa carrière plafonner parce qu’elle doit s’occuper en plus de toutes les tâches quotidiennes, Marianne, par des moyens plutôt gratinés, va pousser son mari Bruno, financier de haut vol, à partager le quotidien plus équitablement. Parité plutôt que disparité, 48 Heures par Jour est une comédie sur le sort des femmes d’aujourd’hui qui jonglent en permanence entre boulot, mari, enfants et maison.


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