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France - Belgium

86min - 1.85 - Color - Comedy drama

Original language: French


Vincent Lecuyer

Hélène de Reymaeker

Mickaël Abiteboul


Director: Bouli Lanners

Script: Bouli Lanners

Image: Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd

Editing: Ewin Ryckaert

Music: Jarby McCoy

Producer: Jacques-Henri Bronckart (VERSUS PRODUCTION)

Associate producers: Philippe Martin, David Thion (LES FILMS PELLEAS)

Festivals & Awards

CICAE Award – Berlinale 2005


a film by :Bouli Lanners

With his two colleagues, Dimitri, 25, sells turnkey homes. Introspective and adrift in a twisted world, he is bored out of his mind. The rumours that he allows to run rife concerning his strange past intrigue Jeanne and lead Cathy to get to know him. "Ultranova" highlights a small constellation of off-key and comical characters on the verge of extinction. Only an electroshock can rekindle the tiny flame that flickers within them.

French Synopsis :

Avec ses deux collègues, Dimitri, 25 ans, vend des maisons clé-sur-porte. Contemplatif et largué dans un environnement dénaturé, il s'ennuie. Les rumeurs qu'il laisse courir sur son étrange passé vont intriguer Jeanne et pousser Cathy à le rencontrer.


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