Khroustaliov, my car !

a film by :Alexeï Guerman

1953 - Youri Glinski, military doctor and General in the Red Army, is the head of a large family. He spends his time between the hospital, his home, his mistresses and drink. Everything changes when, on Stalin's order, the KGB organizes the " Doctor's Plot (...)


137min - 35mm - 1.33 - Black&White - Historical drama

Original language :Russian


Killer kid

a film by :Gilles De Maistre

KILLER KID tells the encounter of two kids, Djilali, a child soldier from Lebanon, and Karim, a young second generation Arab immigrant from the Paris suburbs. The film is the story of the clash of these two worlds. The shocking, unbearable violence that (...)


90min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama

Original language :French