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145min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language :French


Marie Payen
Cécile Richard
Camille Japy
Sami Bouajila


Director: Jacques Maillot

Screenplay : Jacques Maillot, Eric Veniard

Image: Luc Pagès

Editing: Andréa Sedlackova

Producer: Laurent Benegui (Magouric Productions)

Festivals & Awards

Cannes - Official Selection - Competition

Our happy lives

Nos vies heureuses

a film by :Jacques Maillot

Julie comes out of hospital. Ali has left Morocco to study in 3. Emilie and her boyfriend are splitting up. Lucas is trying to find himself. Cécile escapes boredom by taking photos. Jean-Paul is a Catholic militant… Six characters, six friends, six intersecting lives. They each have to plan out a fragile and personal path. There will be fighting and suffering. The suffering of getting lost for a while or of getting lost for good. There will be lively moment and happiness too. The happiness of being alike and being in love, of meeting or of reuniting.

French Synopsis :

Julie sort de l'hôpital. Ali a quitté le Maroc pour venir étudier en 3. Emilie vit une rupture amoureuse. Lucas se cherche. Cécile tue l'ennui en prenant des photos. Jean-Paul est catholique militant. Six personnages, six amis, six destins croisés. Chacun devra s'inventer un chemin fragile et personnel. Cela n'ira pas sans combat et sans souf3. Souf3 de se perdre pour un temps ou de se perdre pour toujours. Cela n'ira pas sans couleurs et sans bonheur aussi. Le bonheur de se ressembler et de s'aimer, de se découvrir ou de se retrouver.


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