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85min - DVCam - Color - Comedy drama

Original language: French


Florence Thomassin

Pascal Bongard

Mathieu Amalric

Marie Burgun

Hadrien Bouvier


Director: Delphine Kreuter

Script: Delphine Kreuter, Mathieu Lis, Emmanuel Finkiel

Production company: Les Films du Poisson (France)



Festivals & Awards


Taipei Film Festival - Special Jury Award

Best Actress for Marie-Burgun-Inter at the Femina Women's Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival

57 000 Km between us

57 000 Km entre nous

a film by :Delphine Kreuter

“Hi, I’m Nat. I'm 14 and I live in a movie. Yeah really. My parents are like totally crazy. Believe me. My stepfather can't stop filming us. We're on live, morning, noon and night. My mother, all she can think about is "increasing the number of hits our family website gets". And me, I don't get it. I stay in my room, riding the Net. Natsoky' my log-in. Check out the chat-rooms, you'll find me talking dirty with some irresponsible type – of course – which is more fun, right?
OK, I'll leave it at that. Let's not get boring. But hey, I'm telling you, life on earth in 2008 is going to be just fine”.

French Synopsis :

Nat, en 2006, c’est Alice au pays des merveilles ou dans les villes, c’est Zazie et les adultes absurdes, c’est Lolita, c’est la fille du voisin...Elle erre entre les mondes, réels ou virtuels, ils n’en font qu’un, elle erre entre les gens, les histoires et les images. En quelques jours et quelques nuits, la vie se révèle, se déchire... et continue. En quelques jours et quelques nuits, Nat grandit.


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