Antoine Santana

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Moment of happiness (A)

A tale of love between Betty and Philippe. Philippe is 25 years old. He's an impulsive young man who turns up on his sister's doorstep in Arcachon one morning. Betty is a young single mother hurtling along in search of life. She abounds with love and (...)


Antoine Santana (Melilla, 1959) after graduating in Cinema Studies at Cénsier, he was assistant director for many French directors, such as Benoît Jacquot (Pas de scandale, Sade, Emma Zunz, La fasse suivante, L'école de la chair), Jacques Rouffio (L'orchestre rouge), and Laetitia Masson (A vendre). Before making Un moment de bonheur, his first feature-length film, he made three shorts: Un petit livre dans la poche (1993), Sur la route (1995), and La soupe (1997), which was distributed along with Jacquot's Le septième ciel.