73min - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language: French




Gaspard Manesse

Laurence Perrot

Sophie Gourp


Director: Christophe Chiesa

Script: Christophe Chiesa, Philippe Kastelnik

Image: Remi Mazet

Editing: Mathieu Blanc

Music: Gaspard Manesse

Producer: Philippe Martin (LES FILMS PELLEAS)




a film by :Christophe Chiesa

After five years in New York, Julie comes back to Annemasse with her baby Nina. They stay with her sister Lou in the apartment she shares with her brother Hugo. Julie finds it difficult to fit back into the town where they grew up. Lou, on the other hand, has found fulfillment with her job as town librarian, her friends, and Seydou, a guy she has just met. Somewhere in between, Hugo is still trying to find his way in life. He works in a factory and plays in a jazz band with some of his co-workers. While he idealizes Julie’s life in New York, he envies Lou’s everyday contentment. This homecoming leads each of them to open up to one another and to themselves. Although they continue down different paths to find happiness, they discover, during this easy time together, just how close they’ve remained.

French Synopsis :

A Annemasse, en Haute-Savoie, Lou, 25 ans, bibliothécaire, et Hugo, 24 ans, ouvrier, retrouvent Julie, leur sœur aînée, partie cinq ans auparavant à New York faire carrière dans le théâtre. Celle-ci revient avec Nina, son bébé, et s'adapte avec difficulté au rythme de cette petite ville. Hugo découvre sa grande soeur dont il rêvait la vie, tandis que Lou prend son retour avec simplicité, au présent, sans se poser de questions. A travers ces retrouvailles, ils réalisent qu'ils sont devenus adultes, choisissant chacun une trajectoire de vie personnelle, aspirant chacun à un bonheur différent de celui des autres.


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