Benoit Cohen

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At 35, Maxime Maréchal, a brilliant doctor, lives an orderly existence between his lawyer wife, admiring friends and satisfied family. It's such a soft and easy environment that he has more or less lost himself in the folds of this comfortable pillow. (...)


Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember something your mother said that will stay with you forever? Like Violette, You can try to remember, to let yourself slip quietly into the cycle of memory inhabited by numerous and interchangeable characters. (...)

Our Precious Children

30, the age of responsibility. Martin is about to leave on holiday with his wife Ariane and his daughter Cerise, 4 months. That's when he meets Constance, his ex, the love of his youth, who has two kids of her own. They decide to spend a few days together, (...)


Nine actors ended up at "Actors Anonymous" a detox center geared at those hooked on acting. Its aim is to wean them off their addiction to drama, limelights, show business, and help them reintegrate a normal (...)