Benoit Jacquot

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Right Now

When she hangs up the phone after hearing her lover say ? We're coming right now?, she knows in her heart of hearts what she hadn't faced up to before: that this man she loves, this "prince" from nowhere, is a hoodlum. He has just robbed a bank and a man (...)

School of flesh (The)

In the present day Paris, Dominique lives the life of a well-off single woman. Her life is tinged with a natural elegance reinforced by her job in a big " Maison de Couture ". When Dominique meets Quentin in a bar frequented by homosexuals and (...)

Untouchable (The)

On her birthday, Jeanne finds out from her mother that her father is Indian, a Hindu she met on her travels. An “Untouchable”, her mother says. Jeanne is an actress. She abandons the rehearsals of Brecht’s “Saint Joan of the Stockyards”, which her (...)


Benoit Jacquot (born Feb. 5th, 1947 in Paris) started out in the early seventies as assistant director on Marguerite Duras' Nathalie Granger (1972) and India Song (1975). Over the following thirty years, Benoit Jacquot has built up an impressive œuvre of psychological dramas, novels and stage plays adaptations and television documentaries. He made his fiction feature début with an adaptation from Dostoyevsky, L'Assassin Musicien (1976). From the mid-nineties on, Benoit Jacquot directed several films in which women face existential questions, with principal performances by, among others, Isabelle Huppert (L'École de la chair, 1998, La Fausse Suivante, 1999), Virginie Ledoyen (La Fille Seule, 1995), Isabelle Adjani (Adolphe, 2002) and Catherine Deneuve (Princesse Marie, 2003). In his most recent feature, L’Intouchable (The Untouchable, 2006), actress Isild le Besco returns in a leading role after starring in À tout de suite (2004) and with Daniel Auteuil in Benoit Jacquot’s Sade (2000).