Boris Lojkine

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As he pedals through the streets of Paris to deliver meals, Souleymane repeats his story. In two days, he has to go through his asylum application interview, the key to obtaining papers. But Souleymane is not (...)


Camille, a young idealistic photojournalist, goes to the Central African Republic to cover the civil war that is brewing up. What she sees there will change her destiny (...)


Deep in the Sahara desert, as they try to get to Europe, Leonard, a young man from Cameroon, rescues Hope, a Nigerian woman. In a fiercely hostile world where safety requires staying with one's own people, these two try to find their way together, and to (...)


A former student of the Ecole Normale, holder of a teaching degree in philosophy, Boris Lojkine decided to leave the university career after he completed his PhD on "Crisis and History”. He closed his books and, in search of adventure, moved to Vietnam, where he had previously lived and learned the language. He directed two documentaries there, Ceux qui restent (2001) and Les Âmes errantes (2005), about the impossible mourning of men and women whose lives have been shattered by the war, from a Vietnamese perspective. With Hope (2014), his first fiction film, he changed continents to focus on migrants in Africa. The film was shown during the Critics’ Week in Cannes, and received dozens of awards in international festivals (including two Valois Prizes at the Angoulême Festival). Camille is his second fiction film.