Bruno Dumont

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Shocked by the blind, ecstatic faith of Hadewijch, a young novice, the mother superior sends her packing from the convent. Hadewijch once again becomes Céline, 20, the daughter of a French minister. Her passionate love of God, her rage and her encounter (...)


He is a photographer, scouting locations or a magazine. She goes with him because they are in love.Together, they discover the desert around the town of Twenty-nine Palms, lose themselves in nature's splendour, make love there and hate one another, never (...)

Outside Satan

By the Channel, along the Côte d’Opale, near a hamlet with river and marshland, lives a strange guy who struggles along, poaches, prays and builds fires. A girl from a local farm takes care of him and feeds him. They spend time together in the wide (...)


Bruno Dumont was born in Bailleul, France, in 1958. He started making films for various industries and corporations in 1986. He made two short films: Paris (93) and Marie et Freddy (94). He has also worked as a television writer, The Life of Jesus (97) is his first feature film.