89min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama

Original language: French


Bruno Cremer

Nelly Borgeaud

Julie Jezequel


Director: Bertrand Van Effenterre

Screenplay : B. Van Effenterre & C. Alexandrakis

Image: Yves Angelo

Editing: Joelle Van Effenterre

Producer: Bertrand Van Effenterre (Mallia Films)

Festivals & Awards

Cannes 1990
Official Selection - Un Certain Regard



a film by :Bertrand Van Effenterre

Patrick is dead. His loss brings together the whole family in the parent's home, out in the depths of Brittany, by the seashore. There is the mother.her son's death has grieved her into utter madness.And the father, who immures himself in silence.And above all.the three sisters, who had not met for many years. A few days go by, during which the threads of their life will be wowen together again as they used to be in their childhood days.

French Synopsis :

Patrick est mort. Cette perte va rassembler toute la famille dans la maison parentale, près de la côte bretonne. Il y a la mère, dont la maladie s'aggrave à cause de la mort de son fils. Le père, qui s'emmure dans le silence. Et surtout. les trois soeurs, qui ne se sont pas revues depuis des années. Les jours passent, durant lesquels leurs vies vont se rejoindre comme au temps de leur enfance.


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