12 episodes TV miniseries x 45min - HD - Color - Drama

Original language: Spanish




Emilia Attias
German Palacios
Guillermo Pfening
Emilia Attias
Moro Anghileri


Created by: Lucia Puenzo & Nicolas Puenzo

Directed by: Lucia Puenzo, Nicolas Puenzo, Pablo Fendrik

Screenplay: Lucia Puenzo, Sergio Bizzio, Leonel D'Agostino

Image: Nicolas Puenzo, Julian Perini

Editor: Misael Bustos, Hugo Primero, Hernan Garbarino

Music: Guillermo Pessoa

Producers: Lucia Puenzo, Nicolas Puenzo

Associate producer: Martin Jauregui

Executive producer: Fernanda Peralta

Production company: Historias Cinematograficas


Festivals & Awards


Toronto International Film Festival


On a mission to expose environmental crimes in the rural areas of Northern Argentina, idealistic scientist Valentina travels to the swamp town of Corrientes to test the local water supply. Relying on remote support from her student Nina, who’s analyzing the data from her potentially contaminated samples, Valentina embarks on a quest into the dangerous Iberá wetlands. Meanwhile, Valentina’s husband Diego and his research partner Simon are on an expedition of their own at the South Pole, but their work is interrupted by the news
that something’s gone wrong for Valentina. As they rush to the wetlands, hoping they are not too late to keep her safe, evidence of an ecological cover-up comes to light — as does the truth about a love triangle that threatens to break the bond of trust between Diego and Simon.

French Synopsis :

Valentina, biologiste, prélève des échantillons d’eau dans une réserve naturelle du nord de l’Argentine. Elle les envoie pour analyse. Le lendemain, son corps est retrouvé sans vie dans les marécages. Son mari, Diego, et son amant, Simon, mènent l’enquête... Ces trois réalisateurs de la nouvelle vague du cinéma argentin signent avec, Cromo, un thriller écologique captivant.


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