Eitan Zur

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Ilan Ben Natan, a 58-year-old Professor, is married to a young woman, Naomi. He is obsessively in love with her. Ilan discovers that his deepest fears have come true. Naomi has a lover. He seeks the advice of his elderly German-born mother, who suggests he (...)


Eitan Zur, born in Tel Aviv in 1963, studied cinema and television at the Tel Aviv University; then soon began to work for the Israeli television where created and directed the comical-satirical show The Chamber Quintet. His relation with the television proceeded with the dramatic series The Bourgeoisies, then with the satirical show This Is Our Country and the series Doval Olam. In 2004 he directed the medium-length drama You Don’t Say. Between the 2006 and the 2007 he directed 14 episodes of the TV series Be Tipul (adapted by the HBO in In Treatment). Hitparzut X (2010) is his first full-length film.