Eve Duchemin

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For the first time in a long time, three inmates are granted a weekend leave. 48 hours to settle down. 48 hours to reconnect with their loved ones. 48 hours to try to make up for lost (...)


While learning the craft of image at INSAS (Belgium) in the 2000s, Ève Duchemin found, camera in hand, her cinematographic language. She quickly directed documentary portraits (and handled their photography). She traveled around Wallonia and filmed the old miners from the Borinage region, the passion for pigeons and the disappearance of factories (Ghislain et Liliane, couple avec pigeons, 2005, Mémoire d'Envol, 2007 and Le Zoo, L'Usine et la Prison, 2006). She then outlined the portrait of an increasingly precarious youth in Avant que les murs tombent (2009) and Adulthood (2012 - awarded at Brive, Nyon, Poitiers and Clermont Ferrand in particular). In 2009, she shot a fiction short film in 16mm, Sac de Nœuds, which received the Beaumarchais prize and the Le court qui en dit long prize. While preparing the documentary film Into Battle (Magritte for Best Documentary 2016), Ève Duchemin discovered, from the prisoners with whom she did a workshop, the theme of her first fiction feature film: TIME OUT.

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