Frédéric Videau

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Gaëlle is suddenly released by her kidnapper Vincent, after eight years of captivity during which they had been "everything" to each other. Just as she had to earn her freedom day-by-day against him, she has to do so again, now facing her parents and a (...)


Frédéric Videau was born in august 1964 in Angoulême, the same year Jacques Anquetil won his fifth and last Tour de France. After studying Greek and Latin, he attended the French film school La fémis. He worked as script writer and À MOI SEULE is his third film, after LE FILS DE JEAN-CLAUDE VIDEAU (documentary, 2001) and VARIÉTÉ FRANÇAISE (Venice Film Festival 2003, with Hélène Fillières, Gérard Meylan and Jacno).