Ismaël Ferroukhi

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1942, in German-occupied Paris. Younes, a young unemployed Algerian, earns his living as a black marketeer. Arrested by the French police, Younes agrees to spy on the Paris Mosque. The police suspects indeed the Mosque authorities, among which Si Kaddour (...)


A few weeks before his college entrance exams, Reda, a young man who lives in the south of France, finds himself forced to drive his father to Mecca. From the start, the journey looks to be difficult. Reda and his father have nothing in common. Talk is (...)


Ismaël Ferroukhi was born in Kenitra, Morocco. After directing his first short film, L'Exposé, in 1992, he co-wrote the script for Cédric Kahn's feature film Trop de Bonheur (94). In 1995, he wrote and directed the short film L'Inconnu, which was part of the triptych "Court-toujours" produced for Canal Plus/Arte. He has also directed two films for television, Akim (97) and Petit Ben (98). Le Grand Voyage (04) is his first feature film. He then directed a short film, LA PAIRE DE CHAUSSURE and devoted his time to his second feature film : FREE MEN