Jan Schütte

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Bye-bye america

" BYE-BYE AMERICA " is the tale of an uncommon journey. Isaac, his friend Moshe and Genovefa, Moshe's wife, leave New-York for Poland by boat. They end up in Germany, celebrate Christmas in Berlin and finally reach Poland after all. But everything has (...)

Winckelmann's trip

Before Winckelmann (a sales representative hair products) calls on hairdressing salons and chemist's shops, he rehearses what he intends to say, shakes the dandruff from his hair and slips into an innocuous pair of shoes. None of this helps. Ernst (...)

Dragon's food

DRAGON'S FOOD tells the tragic comedy of two clandestine migrant workers who are capable of accomplishing something worthwile yet are hindered by circumstances in Germany, a prosperous land that makes no allowances to refugees from impoverished countries. (...)