Justine Malle

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Juliette, 20 years old, falls in love with Benjamin. At the same moment, her father starts to show signs of a mysterious (...)


After studying philosophy at the Sorbonne, Justine Malle took up translation ("Mystery Train" and "Dead Elvis", by Greil Marcus and two movie monographies, "Dead Man", by Jonathan Rosenbaum and "In a Lonely Place", by Dana Polan). After working as continuity assistant on "Nathalie", by Anne Fontaine, she directed two documentaries: "Carnets de Shanghai", in 2003-2004, and "Light in april", in 2004-2005.In 2007, her first short fiction, "Cet été là", was given the Technical Industry Prize at the Grenoble Short Film Festival. She directed a second short film in 2008, "Surpris par le froid", inspired by Nicholas Ray’s "Johnny Guitar". For several years, she worked on the script of « Youth », which she directed in 2011 in Paris and in the South West of France, partly in her father’s house.