Laetitia Carton

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Le grand bal

It’s the story of a ball. A big ball. Every summer, more than two thousand people come from all over Europe, to a small town in the French countryside. During 7 days and 8 nights, people dance again and again, lose the notion of time, defy their fatigue (...)


Graduated from Fine Arts in Clermont-Ferrand, Laetitia Carton exhibited her work in contemporary art venues as soon as she leaved school (at the St-André abbey in Meymac, at the Center d’Arts Plastiques in St Fons, at Creux de l’enfer in Thiers, the contemporary art space of the city of Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon ...). She meets the creative documentary during her post-graduation at the Art School of Lyon. She then decides to take another path and follows the master of documentary production of Lussas (University of Grenoble). Her graduation film, D’un Chagrin j’ai fait un repos, widely circulated around the world and allows her to travel to Cuba, where she won a prize. In 2009, she makes her first film for television, The Octopus, about a neurodegenerative genetic disease that decimates her family, Huntington’s disease. In parallel, she writes and begins in 2006 to shoot a film with the deaf community, around the language of the Signs, that she will finish nine years later. I will come to you with deaf eyes was released in theaters in France in January 2016. Meanwhile, she directs the portrait of her friend Edmond Baudoin, comic book author, released in theatres in France in September 2015.