104 min - DCP - 1.85 - Color

Original language : French



Léa Drucker / Anne

Samuel Kircher / Théo

Olivier Rabourdin / Pierre

Clotilde Courau / Mina

Serena Hu / Serena

Angela Chen / Angela


Script and dialogues : Catherine Breillat, with the collaboration of Pascal Bonitzer

Based on the film QUEEN OF HEARTS written by Maren Louise Kaëhne and May El-Toukhy, directed by May El-Thoukhy

Production : Saïd Ben Saïd

Image : Jeanne Lapoirie AFC

Editing : François Quiqueré LMA

Assistant director : Gabrièle Roux

Sound : Damien Luquet, Loïc Prian, Katia Boutin, Cyril Holtz

Costumes : Khadija Zeggaï

Art director : Sébastien Danos

Make-up : Delphine Jaffart

Hair : Antonia Silberti

Production Manager : Laziz Belkaï

Postproduction manager : Christine Duchier

Musical collaboration : Kim Gordon Body/Head

Festivals & Awards

Cannes film Festival - Official Selection

Vive Le Cinéma - Lecce (Italy- - Best feature



With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA

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a film by :Catherine Breillat

Anne, a brilliant lawyer, lives in perfect harmony with her husband Pierre and their six and eight-year-old daughters, in a house on the heights of Paris. One day, Theo, 17, Pierre’s son from a previous marriage, moves in with them. Anne is troubled by Theo and gradually engages in a passionate relationship with him, putting her career and family life in danger.

French Synopsis :

Une avocate renommée met en péril sa carrière et menace de briser sa famille en ayant une liaison avec son beau-fils de 17 ans.


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