Margarida Cardoso

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After the death of her daughter, Rita returns to the African country of her childhood to investigate a past mystery: the death of Yvone Kane, a former political activist and guerrilla fighter. In that country, where progress has been built on the ruins of a (...)


Born in Tomar, Portugal and grew up in Mozambique. Studied Photography, Image and Communication at the António Arroio School of Arts, Lisbon. Worked for several years in France and Portugal, as photographer and assistant director. In 1995 she started directing her own films, exploring subjects which cross her personal history experiences and prominent issues in recent Portuguese history, such as, the colonial war in Africa, the revolution, and the post-colonialism years. The documentaries "Natal 71/Christmas 71" and "Kuxa Kanema -The Birth of Cinema ", and the feature films “The Murmuring Coast” and "Yvone Kane" are amongst her best known films, and all relate to her experience in colonial and post-colonial Portuguese Africa. Her films where screened and award in many festivals, such as Rotterdam, Venice and Locarno.