Marion Hänsel

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An old freighter, belonging to a company that has gone out of business, drops anchor off Hong-Kong. The crew aboard has to wait a week, or more, to get paid. After that, who knows what lies ahead ? Among the sailors there is Nikos, a radio operator, a man (...)

Bed (The)

Eva’s husband is dying by her side. For 24 jours she will remember her husband’s illness, their happy life, their love. For 24 hours, she will care for him, attend his needs, patiently awaiting his inevitable death. Eva learn death by fits and starts. (...)

Cruel Embrace

Ludovic, the fruit of a brutal and frustating first love, is hated by his young mother Nicole. He spends the first five years of this life locked in an attic. Nicole marries Micho, an older man, who attemps to make Ludo lead a normal life. But Ludo’s (...)

On Earth As In Heaven

Maria is a happy, optimistic and successful TV journalist. She is also blissfully pregnant, as a result of an adventure in an elevator. As her pregnancy goes on, she becomes more and more secure in the cozy isolation of her domestic space and her own body ; (...)


Cape Province, South Africa. Four people on an isolated farm in the middle of an arid, red land. A blinding light… Modern times, although the period is uncertain. A story of strenght and power, sexual desires and possibly madness. The confinment of these (...)