Marion Hänsel

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Cape Province, South Africa. Four people on an isolated farm in the middle of an arid, red land. A blinding light… Modern times, although the period is uncertain. A story of strenght and power, sexual desires and possibly madness. The confinment of these (...)


Walter Goldberg, brilliant orchestra conductor, renowned in the USA, returns to Italy after a 10-year absence to direct an opera from its beginnings. During the first dress rehearsal, the conductor feels faint and leaves the stage. He takes refuge in his (...)


On a lonely stretch of road near a small coastal town a murder is committed. There is no one to witness the act and no one who could predict the bizarre repercussions which must inevitably follow. In taking on the identity of his victim,, the murderer (...)

Sounds of sand

On the one hand, there’s the desert eating away at the land. The endless dry season, the lack of water. On the other there’s the threat of war. The village well has run dry. The livestock is dying. Trusting their instinct, most of the villagers leave (...)


An old freighter, belonging to a company that has gone out of business, drops anchor off Hong-Kong. The crew aboard has to wait a week, or more, to get paid. After that, who knows what lies ahead ? Among the sailors there is Nikos, a radio operator, a man (...)