Nadir Moknèche

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French Brittany, nowadays. Still living at home, Saïd is carrying on a secret affair with Vincent. Unable to confront his family, he accepts an arranged marriage with Hadjira. She too has given in to her mother’s demands, following a romantic (...)


Nadir Moknèche was born in Paris in 1965 from Algerian parents. He spent his childhood in Algiers, returning to Paris at the age of 16. After two years studying law, he changed direction and took drama classes at the Théâtre National de Chaillot. In 1993, he moved to New York and enrolled in a directing class at The New School for Social Research, where he made two short films. Back in Paris, he directed his first feature, "Le Harem de Madame Osmane". He then directed "Viva Laldjérie", shot in Algiers in 2003. "Délice Paloma", his third feature, was not approved for release in Algeria, but met with great success in France and at film festivals. Nadir Moknèche is a resident filmmaker at the Villa Médicis for the 2010-2011 season. There, he completed the script for his fourth film, "Goodbye Morocco", shot in Tangier. In 2016, he shot his first film entirely in France, Lola Pater. His new feature, "You promised me the sea", will hit French screens will hit French screens in October.

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