Nehir Tuna


Ayakkabı (The Shoes) - 2018 - 14 min

Basur (Hemorrhoid) - 2015 - 22 min

Friends - 2017 - 8 min

Dedeler En Iyisini Bilir (Grandpas Know Best) - 2012 - 20 min

Mary’s Bathroom Camp - 2010 - 10 min

18 - 2010 - 10 min

Bakire Ada (Virgin Island) - 2007 - 9 min

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1997, the tensions between religious and secular Turks are increasing. Fourteen-year-old Ahmet is sent by his recently converted father to an Islamic dormitory, a “Yurt”, to learn Muslim values. Ahmet works hard to be the perfect son but he has trouble (...)


Nehir Tuna’s work combines social commentary and an original visual aesthetic, tackling stories on Turkey’s complex present-day issues, be it masculinity or conservatism. A Sundance Alumni, Tuna was selected to take part in 2019 Sundance Screenwriters Lab and 2020 Directors and Screenwriters Lab. He participated in the 2018 Nipkow film residency program. He has written and directed seven short films, including THE SHOES, a prequel to YURT (DORMITORY). Tuna studied at Columbia University's Graduate Film Program and holds an MFA in directing from Rochester Institute of Technology.