Pascal Bonitzer

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André Masson, an auctioneer at the famous Scottie’s auction house, receives a letter one day stating that a painting by Egon Schiele has been discovered in Mulhouse at the home of a young worker. Very skeptical, he makes the trip and has to face the (...)


Pascal Bonitzer has a reputation as one of the most prolific screenwriters of France. He was the editor of the film magazine Cahier du Cinema from 1969-1985 and began work on another film magazine, Traffic, in 1992. From 1986-1994, he worked as the director of the screenwriting department of the Paris film school FEMIS. He made his directorial debut with Encore in 1995; his second feature, Rien Sur Robert (1998), received attention both in France and at the 1999 International Berlin Film Festival. Small Cuts is his 3rd feature.