France - Luxembourg - Netherland

DCP - Color – 1.85 

212 min



Directed by WANG Bing

Image : Maeda YOSHITAKA / SHAN Xiaohui / SONG Yan / LIU Xianhui / DING Bihan and WANG Bing

Produced by Vincent WANG : Sonia BUCHMAN / Nicolas R. DE LA MOTHE and MAO Hui

Co-producers :  Gilles CHANIAL / Denis VASLIN / Fleur KNOPPERTS / WANG Jia and CUI Qiao

Associate producers : WANG Yang / LIANG Ying / LI Xiaorong and KONG Lihong

Editor :  Dominique AUVRAY

Sound editing /mix :  Ranko PAUKOVIC

Color grading : Franck RAVEL

Produced by House on Fire / Gladys Glover and CS Production

Coproduced by Arte France Cinéma / Les Films Fauves / Volya Films / Eastern-Lion and Culture Media Co., Ltd, and Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains

Festivals & Awards

Cannes film Festival - Official Selection



a film by :Wang Bing

Zhili, 150 km from Shanghai. In this city dedicated to textile manufacturing, young workers come from all the rural regions crossed by the Yangtze River. They are in their early twenties, share dormitories and snack in the corridors. They work tirelessly to be able one day to raise a child, buy a house or set up their own workshop. Between them, friendships and love affairs are made and unmade according to the seasons, bankruptcies and family pressures.

French Synopsis :

Zhili, à 150 km de Shanghai. Dans cette cité dédiée à la confection textile, les jeunes affluent de toutes les régions rurales traversées par le fleuve Yangtze. Ils ont 20 ans, partagent les dortoirs, mangent dans les coursives. Ils travaillent sans relâche pour pouvoir un jour élever un enfant, s’acheter une maison ou monter leur propre atelier. Entre eux, les amitiés et les liaisons amoureuses se nouent et se dénouent au gré des saisons, des faillites et des pressions familiale


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