Yves Hanchar

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No Hard Feelings!

1955 – a boarding school in Belgium. Laurent Matagne (17 years old), thinks he recognizes in his French teacher nicknamed « Vapour », his father who disappeared during an air raid in 1940. Vapour is eccentric, mysterious, disturbing and brilliant and (...)

Chess game (The)

In 1828, Max a roaming, suicidal child of twelve, meets Ambroise, a disillusioned pastor. The young boy turns out to be a genius at the game of chess. They set off together to conquer the title of world chess champion. Fourtheen years later, Max has become (...)


He was born in 1960 in Belgium. Writer, actor and director, made his directorial debut in 1992 with the short 8 EN JEU. In 1994 he directed his first feature THE CHESS GAME (1994) with Catherine Deneuve and in 2000 his second feature HOLIDAY.