a film by :Nikita Mikhalkov

Between 1980 and 1991, Nikita Makhalkov has chosen to document the environment of his daughter Anna by annually asking her questions such as: "What do you love the most?", "What do you want above anything" or "What do you hate the most?" From the age of 6 (...)


100min - 35 mm - Color - 1.66 - Documentary

Original language :Russian

Antonio's girlfriend

a film by :Manuel Poirier

This is a very simple love story. Antonio loves Claudie. Claudie, however is not so simple. Claudie is a young woman who struggles with reality. Little by little, the story of her life and her entourage emerges. Her friends, her family, her past. And now (...)

108min - 35mm - Color - 1.85 - Comedy drama
Original language :French


a film by :Thierry de Peretti

Corsica / Extreme South / Summer: While thousands of tourists invade the beaches, camping grounds and clubs, five teenagers from Porto Vecchio hang out. One evening, one of them leads the others to an unoccupied luxury villa. They spend the night there. (...)


82min - DCP - 1.33 - Color

Original language: French



a film by :Christophe Chiesa

After five years in New York, Julie comes back to Annemasse with her baby Nina. They stay with her sister Lou in the apartment she shares with her brother Hugo. Julie finds it difficult to fit back into the town where they grew up. Lou, on the other hand, (...)


73min - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language: French