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98min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Comedy

Original language: English


Louise Lasser

Victor Argo

Valerie Geffner

Joey Dedio

Austin Pendleton

Mark Margolis

David Wike


Director: Amos Kollek

Script: John Berry / Amos Kollek

Image: Ed Talavera

Editing: Ron Len

Original music: David Carbonara

Production: AMKO Productions / Marathon Productions


a film by :Amos Kollek

24-year-old Queenie prefers the slums of the East Village in Manhattan to her parents multi-million dollar estate in Westchester. A quirky character who plays pranks on everyone, Queenie works as a social worker with kids while unsuccessfully pursuing an acting career in New York. Horace is a middleaged ex-cop who lives by himself in the same neighbourhood. Having been diagnosed by his doctor as terminal with only a few months to live, Horace starts going to a shrink and tries to fi nd a meaning to his life, at which point he meets Queenie, who takes him on a whirlwind of a ride, before they fi nally, truly fi nd one another. It is a quirky, romantic New York comedy about the pursuit of love, life and the right to be your own wacky self.

French Synopsis :

Excentrique et déjantée, Queenie, 24 ans, tente en vain de mener une carrière d'actrice à New York. Horace, ancien policier entre deux âges, vit seul dans le même quartier. Quand son médecin lui annonce qu'il ne lui reste que quelque mois à vivre, il commence une psychanalyse et essaie de donner un sens à son existence. C'est alors que Horace fait la connaissance de Queenie, une rencontre qui va bouleverser sa vie. Après « Sue perdue dans Manhattan » et « Bridget », un nouveau portrait de femme signé Amos Kollek : Queenie, joyeusement déglinguée, 24 ans, qui rencontre Horace, ex-flic en fin de vie… Vive l’amour!


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