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135min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language: Arabic


Mona Zakki

Mahmoud Hemeida

Hassan El Raddad


Director: Yousru Nasrallah

Screenplay: Waheed Hamed

Image: Samir Bahsan

Editing: Mona Rabi

Music: Tamer Karawan

Producer: Kamel Abou Ali

Production company: MISR Cinéma



Festivals & Awards

2009 :

Venice - Official Selection - Out of Competition

Toronto - Special Presentations

IFF Middle

East IFF

Sao Paulo IFF

MedFilm Festival

Festival Del Cinema African Di Verona -Best Film - African Students prize

Kerala IFF

Festival des 3 continents Nantes


Audience Award - Tromso IFF

Glascow IFF

Cinema Novo IFF

Cinemafrica Film Fest

Washington DC. IFF

Movies that Matter Festival Netherlands

Istanbul IFF

Innsbruck IFF

Arab Film Fest in Australia Wellington & Auckland IFF

Salé IFF

Rio IFF Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie

Women's Worlds in Tuebingen

San Francisco Arab IFF


Independant IFF Bruxelles - Best screenplay

French Speaking Film fest in Bucarest

Afrika Film Fest in Leuven

Student's Prize Festival International du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel du Burundi

Festival du Film Franco-Arabe en Jordanie

Festival du Film Franco-Arabe en Syrie

Rencontres du cinéma d'Afrique et des îles Mayotte

Arab Film Festival


ALFILM in Berlin

Heidelberg Mediterranean Film Festival

Helsinki African FF



a film by :Yousry Nasrallah

Cairo, today. Hebba, a television-speaker, presents a successful political talk show on a privately owned network. Karim, her husband, is deputy editor in chief of a government-owned newspaper. His ambition is to become editor in chief. He is led to believe by the Party big shots, that his wife’s constant meddling with opposition politics could put his promotion in danger. Using his boyish charm and sexual prowess, he convinces Hebba to stay away from politics, and devote her program to social issues for which the government cannot be held responsible. She starts a series of talk shows around issues involving women. She listens to the stories of resilient, strong women, who, like Scheherazade in “A Thousand and One Nights”, tell their stories to stay alive. Hebba knows, of course, that women’s issues are political. But she could not imagine up to which extent. Gradually, she finds herself walking in a minefield of abuse, sexual, religious, social and political repression that lead to the break-up of her marriage. From storyteller, Hebba herself becomes a story.

French Synopsis :

Le Caire, de nos jours. Hebba et Karim forment un couple de journalistes à succès, jeunes, riches et beaux. Hebba anime un talk-show politique, mais sa pugnacité anti-gouvernementale met en danger la promotion qu’attend son mari. Il lui met la pression ; elle promet de mettre un peu d’eau dans son vin. Son émission troque alors la politique pour des faits divers féminins. Le succès est immédiat : Hebba passionne des millions de spectateurs avec des histoires vraies, pleines de surprises, de violences, de rebondissements, les emmenant des bas-fonds du Caire à la jet-set, impliquant des membres du gouvernement, dans un tourbillon de sensualité et d'inventivité romanesque. Mais où s'arrête la politique, où commence la question de la condition féminine ? Hebba se retrouve très vite en terrain miné fait d'abus, de tromperies religieuses, sexuelles et. politiques. De conteuse, Hebba devient elle-même une histoire.


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