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95min - 35mm - Scope - Color - Musical drama

Original language : French



Antonio Canales
Orestes Villasan Rodriguez




Director: Tony Gatlif

Screenplay : Tony Gatlif, David Trueba

Image: Thierry Pouget

Editing: Pauline Dairou

Music: Tomatito, Sheikh Ahmad Al Tuni, La Caita

Production company: PRINCES FILMS



Festivals & Awards

Venise 2000 - Official Selection - Closing Film


a film by :Tony Gatlif

Caco, an Andalusian, can't get over the death of his daughter. He drowns his grief in musical revelries in the company of his young nephew, Diego, whose physical handicap is no obstacle to his passion for wild times, women and Flamenco. The place is Andalusia, in the deep south, where honor has its roots. Caco's family has a blood debt toward the Caravaca family. Someone will have to pay.

French Synopsis :

Caco, un andalou, n'arrive pas à faire le deuil de sa fille. Il noie son chagrin dans des fêtes musicales, accompagné de son jeune neveu, Diego, dont le handicap physique n'empêche pas la passion pour la bringue, les femmes et le Flamenco. Nous sommes en Andalousie, dans le Sud Sud, où l'honneur a ses racines. La famille de Caco a une dette de sang envers la famille des Caravaca. Quelqu'un devra payer.


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