France - Japan
90min - 35 mm - Color - 1.85 - Dolby SRD - Drama
Original language : English


Anna Thomson
Lance Reddick
David Wike
Arthur Storch
Mark Margolis


Director: Amos Kollek

Producer : Frederic Robes
Production Company : FRP
Co-production Company : EURO SPACE/CINEMA PARISIEN

Screenplay : Amos Kollek
Director of photography : Ed Talavera
Music : Joe Delia
Editing : Jeffrey Marc Harkavy & Ron Len
Costumes : Pascal Gosset
Set : Jon Nissenbaum

Festivals & Awards

Berlinale Official competition
Seville Film Fest
Black Nights Film Fest


a film by :Amos Kollek

BRIDGET is the story of a young woman with a criminal past who loses her baby son, Clarence, when her checkered past catches up with her in a deadly encounter and she is judged to be an "unfit mother". She spends 12 years attempting to get the boy back. In her odyssey she has some terrifying and whacky experiences. Her efforts take her from the Midwest to New York, Miami, the Middle East and back to New York. During that time she marries a young, slightly retarded man, Pete, as part of a business deal… Pete's father, Hawk who lost his wife and feels that his own life is near its end, wants to ensure that Pete is taken care of, and happy. He suggests to Bridget to marry his son. At the end of 5 years she will receive a million dollars and will be free to leave

French Synopsis :

Bridget est veuve : son mari a été brutalement assassiné sous ses yeux. Son fils Clarence a été placé dans un centre. Pour le récupérer, elle est prête à tout.
En perpétuelle quête d'argent, Bridget voyage du Midwest à New York, de Miami au Moyen-Orient. Sur son chemin, elle rencontre Hawk, un homme qui lui fait une étrange proposition.


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