Elia Suleiman

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Chronicle of a Disappearance

In an investigation of the twilight zone between narrative, history and autobiography, CHRONICLE OF A DISAPPEARANCE transgresses the boundaries of many genres. After living in New York for many years, the Palestinian film makerElia Suleiman returned to (...)

Divine intervention

In Nazareth, under a guise of banal normalcy, the town embraces folly. Under pressure from his failing business, a man takes matters into his own hands and tries to break a chain reaction of petty feuds. He breaks down himself. The man is ES' father. A love (...)


Elia Suleiman was born in 1960 in Nazareth. He lived in New York between 1981 and 1983. In the United States, he served as guest lecturer in many universities, art institutions and museums. He also directed his first two short films, "Introduction to the end of an argument", 45 minutes, and "Homage by assassination", 28 minutes, which won him distinguished awards. Elia Suleiman was the recipient of many grants and awards including an ITV's out grant, a Ford Foundation out grant and the Rockefeller award for work achievment. In 1994, Elia Suleiman moved to Jerusalem and was commissioned by the European Commission to initiate a Film and Media Department in Bir Zeit University. In 1996, he completed his first feature film "Chronicle of a disappearance" which wone the Price for Best First Film in the Venice Film Festival. Divine Intervention is his second feature film.