Jacques Doillon

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Totally Flaky

In Paris, where he wields his money scams, Alex has an unexpected encounter with two girls: Fred, who’s nothing to do with his world and who he falls for straight away, and Sylvia - sweet, but lonely, Sylvia. To test Alex, Fred devises a curious game of (...)

Just Anybody

A girl in her twenties tries to bring a little light and levity to her life that she fi nds inadequate, futile and lacking in the intensity that she requires. She decides to give her love. Not to the most seductive guy, nor the most deserving or most (...)


Jacques Doillon was born on March 15, 1944, in Paris. Since 1972, the year in which his first feature "L’An 01" (The Year 01) was released, he has directed more than thirty films. In the 1970s, he directed "Les doigts dans la tête" (Touched in the Head - 1974), "La drôlesse" (The Hussy - 1979), "La femme qui pleure" (The Crying Woman - 1979). In the 1980s, he made "La pirate" (The Pirate - 1984), "La tentation d’Isabelle" (The Temptation of Isabelle - 1985), "La puritaine" (The Prude - 1986). In the 1990s, he shot "La vengeance d’une femme" (A Woman's Revenge - 1990), "Le petit criminel" (The Little Gangster - 1990), "Le jeune Werther" (Young Werther - 1993), "Ponette" (1996). "Raja", his previous film, was released in 2003.