Julie Lopes Curval

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You and Me

Ariane, a writer of photo-novels for the magazine "Toi et Moi" (You and Me), has a tendency to use and embellish her own love life and that of her sister Léna in her work. However, their life is no storybook: Ariane clings to Farid who couldn't care less (...)


Cayeux, a small seaside town with a huge pebble beach. In winter, it's as deserted as the moon. In summer, however, a crowd of holidaymakers and regulars frequents the beach and its colourful huts, creating a much more festive atmosphere. At one end of the (...)


Alice, 20, lives in Normandy. She works wool, she invents, designs handmade clothes. She wonders what to do with her innate talent, until she meets Agnes, a rich Parisian lady who helps her reach a prestigious school of Applied Arts. Alice leaves everything (...)


Julie Lopes Curval acted briefly on the stage before directing her own plays. Co-scriptwriter of Eric Véniard's "Une Affaire qui roule", she wrote the script for "Adolescents" at the request of director Valérie Minetto. In 2001, she directed the short, "Mademoiselle Butterfly", which was seen in numerous festivals. In 2002 her first feature, BORD DE MER won the Camerad'Or in Cannes Film festival.TOI ET MOI is her second feature film. She also co-wrote the scripts for UNE AFFAIRE QUI ROULE (2001) and LE ROLE DE SA VIE (2003).