Michael Rowe

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Leap Year

Laura is 25 years old. She’s a journalist, she’s single and lives in a small apartment in Mexico City. After a series of short-lived affairs, Laura meets Arturo. After the first time they make love, she is left deeply unsettled. They embark on an (...)


David, a man in his forties, lives a predictable life with his wife Maya and their two children. To please his wife with the latest gadgets, he works solitary shift work, days and nights, as a janitor in a retirement home. But when he begins to suspect that (...)


Australian director living in Mexico. He studied English and post colonial literature at La Trobe University, he is the author of three stage scripts: “Impudence and Innocence”, “Reprise For Godot” and “Sexual Harassment.” He is the winner of the Melbourne Fringe Festival Poetry Prize. In 2005 he wins the Mexican Film Institution Stimulus program for writers with his script “Naturalezas Muertas”. “Año Bisiesto” is the director’s feature film debut, a powerful sex drama about a captivating crude painful love story.