Don't think about it

a film by :Gianni Zanasi

Stefano Nardini has been playing music since he was five years old. Moving on from the Music Conservatory to becoming a fairly successful independent punk rock star. However those times have passed, and he is no longer featured on the front cover of (...)


103min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama Comedy

Original language : Italian


a film by :Sergei Loznitsa

In the Donbass, a region of Eastern Ukraine, a hybrid war takes place, involving an open armed conflict alongside killings and robberies on a mass scale perpetrated by separatist gangs.

In the Donbass, war is called peace, propaganda is uttered as (...)

Germany - Ukraine - France - Netherlands - Romania

121min - DCP - Scope - Color

Original language: Ukrainian, Russian


Door To The Sun (The )

a film by :Yousry Nasrallah

In the beginning was Palestine, just when the story of Younes' life began. Younes sometimes went under the name of Abou Salem, sometimes the Man and some other times Ibrahim's father. He fought the English Army at the age of 16 and was still fighting them, (...)

France - Egypt

278min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Dolby SR - Historical Drama

Original language : Arabic / Hebrew / French

Downhill summer

a film by :Gérard Krawczyk

A village in the south of 3. The Leheurt brothers, " Fan " and " Mo ", were born just like the Voke brothers. Nowadays, everything separate the Leheurt and the Voke, especially the house owned by Fan and Mo. André Voke has always wanted to buy it from (...)


112min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Comedy drama

Original language: French


Dragon's food

a film by :Jan Schütte

DRAGON'S FOOD tells the tragic comedy of two clandestine migrant workers who are capable of accomplishing something worthwile yet are hindered by circumstances in Germany, a prosperous land that makes no allowances to refugees from impoverished countries. (...)


75min - 35mm - 1.66 - B&W - Drama Comedy

Original language :German


Dry Season

a film by :Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Chad, 2006. The government has granted amnesty to all war criminals. Atim, 16 years old, is given a revolver by his grandfather so that he may kill the man who killed his father. Atim leaves his village for N’djamena, seeking a man he does not know. He (...)

France - Belgium

95min - 35 mm/DCP - 1.85 - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language :French & Chadian Arabic



a film by :Marion Hänsel

Cape Province, South Africa. Four people on an isolated farm in the middle of an arid, red land. A blinding light… Modern times, although the period is uncertain. A story of strenght and power, sexual desires and possibly madness. The confinment of these (...)


87min - 35 mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama

Original language :French


a film by :Rachid Bouchareb

1975 : The Communist Army defeats the South Vietnamese Forces, Saïgon falls while U.S. Troops leave hurriedly. Many of these American soldiers leave a woman behind and children as well. Son is one of this Amerasians. Two months after the fall of Saïgon, (...)

France - Algeria- Hong Kong

87min - 35 mm - Scope - Color - Drama

Original language: Vietnamese




a film by :Michael Rowe

David, a man in his forties, lives a predictable life with his wife Maya and their two children. To please his wife with the latest gadgets, he works solitary shift work, days and nights, as a janitor in a retirement home. But when he begins to suspect that (...)

Canada - Australia

96min - DCP - Scope - Color

Original language: French, English


a film by :Manoel de Oliveira

Macário spends an entire train journey to the Algarve talking to a woman he does not know about the trials and tribulations of his love life: straight after starting his first job as a book keeper at his Uncle Francisco's warehouse in Lisbon he falls madly (...)

Portugal - France - Spain

63min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : Portuguese


a film by :Andrey Zvyagintsev

Elena and Vladimir are an older couple, they come from different backgrounds. Vladimir is a wealthy and cold man, Elena comes from a modest milieu and is a docile wife. They have met late in life and each one has children from previous marriages. Elena’s (...)


109min - 35 mm/DCP - Scope - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language :Russian


Emigrant (The)

a film by :Youssef Chahine

Three thousand years ago, Ram, son of an impoverished tribe living in an arid land, dreams of changing his way of life. He feels he is suffocating amid his boorish brothers who, driven by jealousy and avarice, decide to kill him. But the hardship he faces (...)

France - Egypt

128min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Adventure

Original language: Egyptian



a film by :Emilie Cherpitel

35-year-old Eva is unpredictable, charmingly immature and has no children. Leon is 10, he’s got the seriousness and reasoning of an adult and has no parents. Eva is bored in her privileged life as well as in her love life. Leon has just run away from his (...)


76min - DCP - Scope - Color

Original language: French


a film by :Pablo Agüero

1952, Eva Perón just died. She is the most beloved, but also hated political figure of Argentina. An expert is in charge of her embalming. After years of hard work, he achieves a remarkable work. Meanwhile in Argentina coups follow each other and some (...)

France - Argentina - Spain

85min - DCP - 1.85 - Color

Original language: Spanish



a film by :Tony Gatlif

As extravagant as it may sound, Zano one day comes up to his lover Naïma and suggests that they both set out for Algiers : why don’t they cross France and Spain to eventually reach Algeria and discover the land their parents had to flee decades ago ? (...)


105min - 35 mm - Scope - Color - Dolby SRD - Drama

Original language : French, Spanish and Arabic


a film by : Tilly

The film relates an unsual weekend in a woman's life. On Mother's day, Juliette, 57, hosts for the first time in a long while her five children in her house in Normandy, where she lives alone with a servant, Honorine. What was meant to be a peaceful weekend (...)


100min - 1.66 - Color - Comedy drama

Original language: French




a film by :Catherine Breillat

Anaïs is 12 and bears the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her body is both a citadel for her pain and a fortress. Hidden in the shadows or rejected, she is an observer. It's summer, with a family holiday by the sea and summer romance. It's Anaïs's (...)


93min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Psychological drama

Original language: French


a film by :Philippe Faucon

Fatima lives on her own with two daughters to support: 15-year old Souad, a teenager in revolt, and 18-year old Nesrine, who is starting medical school. Fatima speaks French poorly and is constantly frustrated by her daily interactions with her daughters. (...)


79min - DCP - 1.85 - Color

Original language: French, Arabic


a film by :Lucie Borleteau

Alice is a 30 year-old sailor, in love but unmarried. While her companion Félix waits for her ashore, she sets off as second mechanic on the Fidelio, an old freighter. On board, she discovers not only that she replaces a recently deceased mechanic, but (...)


95min - DCP - Scope - Color

Original language - French



a film by :Alain Cavalier

"The first shot were made in 1994, the last in 2005. More than ten years of my life condensed into one hundred minutes of screen-time. My first autobiographical film, "This Machine Does Not Accept Messages" was made in 1978. I appear in it, my head wrapped (...)


97min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Dolby SR - Documentary

Original language :French


a film by :Oliver Laxe

Amador Coro has been condemned for having provoked a fire. When he gets out of prison, nobody is waiting for him. He returns to his home town, a small village hidden in the mountains of rural Galicia, to live with his mother, Benedicta, and their three (...)

France - Luxemburg - Spain

85min - DCP - 2K - 1.85 - Color

Original language: Spanish

JURY PRIZE - Un Certain Regard - Cannes 2019


First of the name

a film by :Sabine Franel

Two enthusiasts, mad for genealogy, bring together as many of the descendants of Moïse Blin, an 18th century Alsatian Jewish peddler, as they can. Out of this reunion emerges the chronicle of one family, from before the French Revolution down to the (...)


112min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Documentary

Original language :French


a film by :Les Quiches

Somewhere on ze edge of West PhiladelFoon, a law exists since foreva’, laid down by ze principal Miss Smokingkills: power to ze rebels, jerk-offs and fashion victims. Ze Foons. Ze Crown and Ze Prom are exclusively zer turf! Zey do what zey want in skool. (...)


82min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Dolby SRD - Comedy

Original language :Franglish

Forced to be with others

a film by :Simon Reggiani

Sergio, a seventy-year-old actor-singer who has lived through XXth century history-in-the-making of French thought, seees the dark side of things. His heavy drinking is eating away at his meninx. Feeling responsible for all the worries of the world, he (...)


95min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Comedy drama

Original language: French



a film by :Serge Bozon

Autumn 1917. Far off, war is raging. Miles from the fighting, Camille, a young woman, leads a life marked out by the news that her husband sends from the front. But one day she receives a note ending their relationship. Distraught and determined to stop at (...)


102min - 35 mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama

Original language :French