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a film by :Jean-Pierre Denis

Etienne, a bookstore owner with an outstanding memory, is a loner with two passions in life – literature and mountains. But one day he accidentally runs over eight-year-old Eva. Finding himself between Eva and Pascale, the young mother, who is unable to (...)


90min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama

Original language :French

Petty Crimes

a film by :Michel Ferry

Michel/Mike is a French guy in New-York. He runs. He runs through the Village so he won't get deported, so he can get closer to that girl on Rollerblades : Zoe. She's always just out of reach. Mike could stop running and use his pickpocket skills, but (...)


78min - 35 mm shot in DV - 1.85 - Color - Drama comedy

Original language : French, English


a film by :Emmanuel Mouret

Ariane is convinced that her partner, Jean-Jacques, is fantasizing about another woman. To save their relationship, she asks him to have an affair with that woman, as she thinks that this is the best way to cure him. When Jean-Jacques goes to visit this (...)


90min - 35 mm - 1.85 - Color - Comedy

Original language : French


a film by :Eric Caravaca

"Plot 35 is a place that was never mentioned in my family; it is where my elder sister, who died aged three, is buried. The sister about whom I was told nothing, or nearly nothing, and of whom my parents had oddly never kept a single photograph. It was to (...)

France - Germany - Qatar

67min - DCP - Color - Documentary

Original language: French




a film by :Abdellatif Kechiche

Like a wide-eyed innocent dreaming of Eldorado, Jallel lands in 3 where he hopes to make his fortune. From one encounter to the next, from hostels to immigrant aid societies, Jallel lives among the excluded and, while his dreams of success remain (...)


130min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Comedy drama

Original language: French


a film by :Alain Cavalier

These portraits are encounters I wanted to be kept from oblivion, even if it is only while you are watching them. They are women who work, who have children, and who, at the same time, keep their independence of mind. I shot 24 portraits of 13 minutes each. (...)


24x13min - 35 mm - 1.33 - Color - Documentary

Original language : French


Post coitum, animal triste

a film by :Brigitte Roüan

Diane loves her husband tenderly. An ideal housewife, she is naturally an attentive and caring mother. In addition to her happy wedded life she has a fulfilling job working in a publishing house. She lives in Paris. Life is good for her. Then one day she (...)


100min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Drama comedy

Original language : French


a film by :Emmanuelle Bercot

Marion, 14, spends her holidays in Normandy. She meets with a man. In Paris, she sees him again and make love with him, for the very first (...)


42min - 35mm - 1.33 - Color - Short - Comedy

Original language :French



a film by :Marion Hänsel

On a lonely stretch of road near a small coastal town a murder is committed. There is no one to witness the act and no one who could predict the bizarre repercussions which must inevitably follow. In taking on the identity of his victim,, the murderer (...)

Belgium / France / Spain

112min - 35mm - Scope - Color - Drama

Original language: English / Afrikaan


a film by :Amos Kollek

24-year-old Queenie prefers the slums of the East Village in Manhattan to her parents multi-million dollar estate in Westchester. A quirky character who plays pranks on everyone, Queenie works as a social worker with kids while unsuccessfully pursuing an (...)


98min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Comedy

Original language: English

RAINBOW - A private affair

a film by :Paolo & Vittorio Taviani

Summer 1943, Piedmont, Italy. Milton loves Fulvia who plays with his love: she only likes the depth of his thought and the letters he writes to her. One year later, Milton has joined the Resistance and fights beside other partisans. He learns during a (...)

Italy - France

85mn - DCP - Scope - Color

Original language: Italian


a film by :Charles Matton

As a great artist who brooked no compromise, Rembrandt van Rijn experienced fame and fortune, bankruptcy and personal tragedy. Famous by the time he was thirty, he married the beautiful Saskia and, within ten years, lost her, just as his fortunes were (...)


104min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Biography

Original language : French



a film by :Alain Cavalier

A man meets a woman. He starts to fi lm her to keep a record of their experience together. It happens that this man is a filmmaker. After a few months, disturbed, he realizes he is making a film. He hesitates to put an end to it but both decide to carry on, (...)


73min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color - Comedy drama

Original language: French

Rendez-Vous In Kiruna

a film by :Anna Novion

Ernest, a successful French architect, is devoted to his work. One day, a phone call from The Swedish Police convinces him to undergo a long trip toward Kiruna in Laponia. He must go to recognize the body of a perfect stranger… his own son, whom he never (...)

France - Sweden

97min - DCP - 1.85 - Color

Original language: French, Swedish


a film by :Catherine Corsini

Louise and Nathalie are 30 year old or so. They meet after a period of separation of more than 10 years. Louise is a dental technician now. Nathalie has become a stage actress, which they wanted both to be one day. Because she admires Nathalie, Louise wants (...)


90min - 35 mm - Color - 1.85 - Drama

Original language : French




a film by :Saïd Hamich

Nassim, in his early thirties, lives in Abu Dhabi with his American fiancée, Elisabeth. After several years of absence, he returns with her to Bollene, a town in the South of France where he grew up. But Nassim must face his past: a dead city now governed (...)

France - Morocco

67min - DCP - 1.85 - Color

Orignal language: French, Arabic, English


Rien à faire

a film by :Marion Vernoux

A man. A woman. Both married. but not to each other. They have nothing to do all day. They go shopping in the supermarket. They become friends, then lovers. It's a friendship which, as the days go by, unintentionally turns into love. A secret, carefree, (...)


105min - 35mm - Scope - Color - Drama comedy

Original language : French


Right Now

a film by :Benoit Jacquot

When she hangs up the phone after hearing her lover say ? We're coming right now?, she knows in her heart of hearts what she hadn't faced up to before: that this man she loves, this "prince" from nowhere, is a hoodlum. He has just robbed a bank and a man (...)


95min - 35 mm shot in DV - 1.85 - Black & White - Drama

Original language: French


a film by :Diane Bertrand

Iris is twenty years old and works on the assembly line of a fizzy drink factory. One day, she loses the tip of her ring finger in an industrial injury, leading her to quit her job and move to the port city nearby. Wandering the town, Iris comes across a (...)


100min - 35 mm - Scope - Color - Psychological drama

Original language :French



a film by :Atahualpa Lichy

In 1912, Venezuela is in the grasp of the dictator Juan Vincente Gomez who rules the gigantic country as if it were his own private property. At the same time, in the former province of Rio Negro, the people are awaiting the arrival of the new governor sent (...)


115min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Adventures

Original language : French and Spanish version available


a film by :Olivier Babinet & Fred Kihn

A « melancomical » odyssee trough Europe. The unemployed actor Franky spends his days smoking and dreaming of his career to get started. One day his manager Arsène just puts him into a stolen car and heads off north – claiming to have an (...)

France- Poland - Belgium - Norway

91min - DCP - 1.85 - Color

Original language: French


a film by :Catherine Breillat

Love sucks. It's a matter of power. When you love a guy enough to be faithful, he stops fucking you. When you're unfaithful, he fucks you, it's simple. It's not because he guesses you're unfaithful, it's because he understands you're moving away from (...)


95min - 35mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama comedy

Original language: French


a film by :Philippe Faucon

Between July 1989 and M ay 1990, a young 32-year-old woman keeps a journal of her final months. She is dying of AIDS. Through her awkward though deliberate writings, requiring every ounce of her strength, we encounter her daily struggle to survive. The (...)


90min - 35mm / HD - 1.66 - Color - Drama

Original language: French



a film by :Annemarie Jacir

Soraya, born in Brooklyn in a working class community of Palestinian refugees, discovers that her grandfather’s savings were frozen in a bank account in Jaffa when he was exiled in 1948. Stubborn, passionate and determined to reclaim what is hers, she (...)

France - Palestine - Switzerland - Belgium - USA - UK - The Netherlands - Spain

109min - 35 mm - 1.66 - Color - Drama

Original language : English, Arabic & Hebrew


Salvador Allende

a film by :Patricio Guzman

From his childhood in Valparaiso to his death during the Pinochet military coup on September 11, 1973, the life and works of Chilean president Salvador (...)

France - Belgium - Germany - Spain - Mexico

100min - 35mm - 1.85 - Color & Black & White - Documentary

Original language: Spanish